Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Funny Name, Serious Sandwich

Caleb and I met for lunch today at the always tasty Schlotzsky's. In our conversations over a turkey original I noted that young Caleb had missed a spot shaving, which made him look like he was attempting to grow a soul patch. I later commented on the aforementioned facial hair and since Caleb has a presentation this afternoon with the government of Malaysia he made the comment that maybe he should leave his electric razor at work. I replied back, "Well, you should probably leave one of your razors at work." Now, I realize he had basically just said the same thing, but in my defense I was thinking, it doesn't have to be his electric razor, but just some razor in general. However, being the smarta$$ that he is, he started to repeat his statement again, only this time in an obnoxiously sarcastic voice. The only problem is that when he got to the part about "razors at work" he instead said "wazors at work" loud and clear due to the obnoxious volume at which he was speaking. This, of course, negated whatever smart aleck remark he was attempting to make about me repeating his already stated point due to it being infinitely more hilarious than me just inadvertently repeating him.

Which brings me to my epiphany of the day. This type of verbal flub is one of my favorite things in life. There is nothing better than someone trying to mock another person only to end up being laughed at themselves. I am the worst at this, as I get so excited about my own genius wit that I rarely get my smarta$$ comments out correctly. They usually come out as some pile of incoherent gibberish leading whoever I was trying to mock (usually Caleb) to laugh at me instead, as it should be.

Needless to say, I laughed so hard at Caleb for his "wazors at work" comment that I ended up getting kicked in the ribs by Baby Blythe. So my apologies Baby B, but someone has to laugh at your Daddy and as his wife it is my God given right, honor, and privilege to be the one to do it!