Monday, November 19, 2007

An Email from The Chief

1. The additional application of another 4 squares is authorized until
the job is complete. Never mind that future generations will have to
use pine cones.
2. Stop putting ice on my granddaughter. You have permission to suffer
to whatever extent necessary, or to torture my son-in-law as much as
necessary to fulfill this.
3. You've never heard me say "damn". Stop it.
4. Caleb could use toilet paper to keep his sockless toes from sticking
together, but only 4 squares per foot.
5. Turn up the friggin' thermostat! (I still didn't say "damn")
6. I have a clock I can see from my shower. This eternal life
principle was bestowed upon me by the same people that taught me how to
get squeaky clean with 4 squares of toilet paper.
7. You talk too much about toilet paper.
Your Maligned Dad

Thursday, November 15, 2007

For the Corbin Family

So this will probably be too much information, but provide a lovely little insight into my family...
In my family, we have, on more than one occasion, discussed how many squares of toilet paper are needed when going to the bathroom. This comes up because when we were growing up my dear sweet dad tried to teach us to only use 4 squares. 4 SQUARES. I love the earth as much as the next person, but seriously kids, I think we can all see the problem with using only 4 squares of toilet paper. So we just recently brought this conversation back up, don't ask me how or why, it just happens, and we learned that Grammie, the matriarch of the family, is where this little guideline must have come from, because not only does she and my father adhere to these rules, but my Uncle Travis does as well!! So more power to my paper saving loved ones, but I won't be jumping on this bandwagon anytime soon.
Here's what made me think of it today. I have a stuffed up nose, and this morning asked Caleb to hand me some toilet paper so I could blow my nose. Mr. Johnson handed me one square of toilet paper. When I gave him the look and asked for more, he accused me of hating the earth. So I made do with what he gave me and it did not go well. So he handed me two more squares, which again were quickly used up and disposed of. At which time he handed me one more square... making it 4 total. 4 SQUARES. Aaaaah, the irony. The ridiculousness that is the Corbin gene pool is slowly seeping into his blood stream... VICTORY IS MINE!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Prego Pictures

So this is a little late in coming, but last month we took some pregnancy pictures with the lovely Emily Thurmond. That is your second mention in this blog Mrs. Thurmond, so you should feel immensely cool. Anyhoo, you may see them by going to and clicking on the Caleb and Courtney link on this page.
We had a ton of fun taking the pictures, and Emily did a fantastic job. So for all your photography needs may I highly recommend Emily Thurmond Photography!