Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm Nestin'!!

Blythe has officially switched over to her big girl bed to make room for Joe. Oh yeah, we're having a boy and his name is Joe! I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this already knew that, so I'm not too worried about forgetting to put it on here. We set up Blythe's new big girl bed a couple weeks ago and she loves it! Had I known it would be that easy to get her to take naps and go to bed in it I would've switched her long ago. She now pretty much tells you "Night Night" and waves you out of her room. We inherited this bed from the Johnson's and at one point in time it slept all three of the Johnson brothers. Right now that ladder goes to no where, but it will eventually have a top bunk. Blythe is using the trundle so another bed can go on top of hers. This made way for the crib (AKA Joe's bed) to fit in the same room, because Caleb is still officing out of the guest bedroom. This last week we moved the mattress back up and put the mobile up. Blythe never really cared about the mobile when she was a baby, but she loves it now. She spent most of one afternoon sitting in the crib just playing it over and over again.
Next on my list... going through and finding what clothes we have that aren't pink. Luckily, between Em and Erin I'm not too worried about my boy clothes supply!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mac "Genius"

Caleb dropped and broke the screen on his Iphone. He was in Houston from Sunday to Wednesday and couldn't get an appointment at the Apple store or they didn't have the right part to fix it, which is how we ended up at the Apple store in Charleston Thursday night.
Caleb went on ahead and Hayley, Blythe, and I brought up the rear, so when we got to the store he was already sitting at the help desk sharing a hi-five with his genius. I wandered up as they were reading off a serial number which included letters. This sparked a conversation about the military alphabet. They had to repeat the letters to make sure they heard right and the guy said "Sorry, I don't know all that Alpha, Bravo stuff." I made the comment that very few people outside the military probably knew the whole thing so he could've just made something up and we wouldn't have known. Caleb and I started to go through them until we hit G... actually Caleb skipped from E to R because he couldn't think of Foxtrot and I guess he thought no one would notice the half of the alphabet he didn't know. I threw out Gamma and Caleb quickly ruled that out because he said Gamma rays were not discovered until after the military alphabet was put into place. There was a pause after this statement and I noticed the 3 geniuses nearby kind of knodding their heads. I took this opportunity, as I often do, to let these poor guys know that Caleb is full of crap. He has no idea when Gamma rays were discovered, but he says things like this with such resolution that people just assume he must know what he's talking about. He doesn't say, "No, I don't think Gamma rays were discovered yet." He says it as a statement... as fact. So what I find interesting is that people are not mad when they find this out. The general reaction is laughter, and then this group of yahoos were impressed. They all made comments about how they totally believed it, or how they thought it sounded right. So then our personal genius said something about how he wondered when they were discovered, and there was another pause before we all realized we were standing in a room full of computers. So while our genius looked that up, the other 7 of us (by this time we had 4 geniuses and 2 other customers involved in the discussion ) took over under bets. Caleb said he thought it was the last 30 years and then the geniuses and other customers ranged between 20 and 50 years. I said I thought it was gonna be something ridiculous and they were all off.
SURVEY SAYS: Gamma rays were discovered in the 1850's by some French dude. I win.
Also: G is for Golf.

An interesting side note: The 2nd customer that joined us came in a little late for his appointment because he said his uncle had just been shot somewhere in Charleston. I know nothing else about this other than he's OK, because none of us could be pulled away from our all important Gamma ray discussion.

Day one in Charleston. Walked up and down King street 4 times, seafood dinner on a rooftop deck, and Apple store shenanigans... good times.

Thursday, September 3, 2009