Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Help Please!

We're trying to pick out backsplash tile for our kitchen which will also be on the wall behind the vent hood we're getting so I'll stop setting off the smoke alarms every time I make something on the stove. However, Caleb and I differ on what we like, Blythe changes her answer every time you ask her, and Joe just keeps pointing at the bananas. We're struggling because we inherited the countertops which are great, but probably not what we would've picked out. So anything we pick out tends to not really go with the countertops, but here's what we're looking at so far...

Option #1
Neutral stone tile with a glass & stone mosaic stripe running through it

Option #2
Glass tile with gold/bronze in it

Option #3
Good old white

So if anyone is out there and still paying attention to this blog, please cast a vote. We're stuck!