Thursday, September 26, 2013

3 Shades of Green

     We are loading up to spend the weekend with my parents in Sequoia National park.  It's been a hectic 24 hours, and last night at dinner Caleb wanted to tell me what he would be packing.  I, very sweetly mind you, told him that since I was in charge of packing the other 3 members of the family I didn't really want to think about what he was taking.  He paused for maybe 3 seconds, then replied, "Ya, I'm gonna tell you anyway," then continued with his "what socks will I need" discussion.

     So this morning, when it came time to actually put things in a backpack, I was made to sit on the bed and watch him pack.  The following is an excerpt from his monologue.  It can't be called a conversation, because I'm pretty sure I never said a word.  He literally just gave me a play by play of everything he was putting into his backpack and why.
  "I'm going to take my Cal U of PA shirt, cause that doesn't make any sense and it packs up nicely.  Then I need t-shirts.  I think I'm going all green this weekend.  Meaning 3 different shades of green shirts (he holds up his pile of 3 green shirts for me to see).  If ever I write my book it won't be 50 Shades of Grey it will just be 3 Shades of Green.  That's all I need, just 3 shades.  Now what am I going to wear today."

The best part is that for the entire time he was packing he had on jeans, no shirt, and a tactical scarf.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Princess Ballet Boot Camp

This last week Blythe went to Princess Ballet Boot Camp for an hour a day with her friend Jiho.

On Friday, they performed their princess dance and then got a trophy.

For whatever reason I can't get that video to upload so we're trying it youtube style.

Here she is doing her curtsy and receiving her trophy.

She really was more excited about the trophy than anything else.  We apparently have to get a special shelf for ALL her trophies of which, she is sure, there are many more to come.  I apparently am not raising very humble children... whoops.

Not to be outdone, here is Joe Joe Baggins performing his one man band involving a piano, xylophone, whistle, and maraca.... Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Where with the what now?

I just finished a lovely 10 minute conversation with young Joe Joe Baggins.  We leave in the morning for a weekend in Maui with friends so we're clearing out the kitchen of anything that won't survive until Monday.   He was helping me out in the kitchen and was fervently telling me, "We need the Colorados to be macaroni."  I repeated it back to him and he nodded yes.  I started doing the mom thing where you keep repeating in your head and putting the inflection in different places, but couldn't for the life of me figure out what he was saying.  So I asked one more time, "We need the Colorados to be macaroni?"  This time to clarify for me he said, "No, we need to make the Colorados into macaroni."

You're still stumped aren't you?  He very helpfully pointed to the avocados this last time and it clicked.

"Oh, we need to make the avocados into guacamole.  Yes, you're right."

Sometimes even I need a translator.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Caleb's Many Talents

Today, a solar powered robot of sorts came in the mail.  You build it into whatever you choose it to be, a boat, a dog, I think there are like 6 different choices.  Caleb and the kids started to build it when unfortunately Caleb snapped the motor in half.  Enter Macgyver Johnson.  He took apart a bubble blowing lady bug that we had also broken somewhere along the way and removed the motor from it.   He was pretty proud of himself because it involved triangular screw heads and he had to track down a 5 point screw bit to take it apart.  It was a process to say the least.  When he finally accomplished his goal, Blythe's only comment was, "Daddy's good at breaking things."

Sometimes daddy's can't win.

Oh My Goodness

Hi Aunt Chrystal :)

So here are some random pictures and then I'm gonna try and post about the actual events that have happened...

Making sand angels

 Making pico with Daddy, using her new knives she got for her birthday

Our friends Liam and Sullivan are in the engine and caboose, but you think it's hard to get 2 kids in a picture, try 4.

Here's a better one of Liam.  This park has an old airplane for the kids to play in.

These slides are really fun.  Joe did take one tumble when he tried to slow himself down and instead just went somersaulting down, but other than that super fun!

Same park, she was being a mermaid.

This is overlooking the airport and Joe could've stayed all day just watching planes take off and land.

Joe Joe Baggins first movie.

Got some new goggles for swim lessons.  Blythe has made leaps and bounds in just a few short weeks. She's been paddling all over with a kick board of late, and hopefully, will soon not even need that.

Running errands while B is at school.

I forgot where we were going that they were wearing pajamas.

Valentine's party at Blythe's school.  They are always extremely sweet to include Joe.

So that's all the random pictures I found.  I'm going to attempt to get some of the other stuff on here.  In other news, I had totally forgotten about the blog list attached to this thing and am kind of excited to catch up on some old blogs if anyone is still posting :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Uno Strategery and the Worst Version of Who's on First Ever

  Caleb is playing Uno with the kids and here is what I just witnessed.  Joe was down to two cards, both blue.  The play to him was a green something or other so he had to draw a card and lo and behold he drew the dreaded draw 4!  He triumphantly threw it on the stack and when asked what color he wanted it to be said, "red."  Caleb pointed out that he didn't have any red cards in his hand, but he was adamant that he wanted it to be red.  Blythe drew 4 cards making it Joe's turn again (he and Caleb are on a team) so Caleb told him, "Ok, you have to play a red."  Joe very sadly replied, "but I don't have any reds."  

Another great conversation I have witnessed recently took place one of the first days we were back from Christmas.  We were all sick during our trip to Texas.  Both of the kids threw up for a couple days and didn't eat for another couple days.  Wasn't the most fun I've ever had on vacation, but at least we were with family.  Blythe likes to brag about her great fasting abilities so while driving around last weekend the kids had this little exchange...
 Blythe:  Joe, did you know that when I was sick I didn't ate for 2 days.
Joe:  Eight?
Blythe: No, 2.
Joe: You're 2?!?
Blythe: No, I didn't eat for 2 days.
Joe: Oh yeah, you was sick.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Super Joe turns 3

Apparently I didn't do very well taking pictures while we were in Texas for Christmas.  These are pretty much all I got from the entire trip, so enjoy!

The Birthday Boy

Paw helping Blythe fly over tall buildings.

Everyone got their own cape.

Here's Sweet Ainslee modeling hers for us.  I did a horrible job taking pictures even at the party so Ains will have to be the representative for the entire Sears clan who we were very happy to see, but apparently not photograph :)

Baby Claire (who may be called Baby Claire even when she's 18 if my kids have anything to do with it.)

The three amigos

Blowing out the candles!

Cuddling with Hay and Kyle

Blythe and Matthew racing to the fence and back

We had a blast getting to see all our friends.  Thanks to everyone for coming out to see us!  We are extremely blessed to have all of you in our life!

Happy Birthday, sweet Joe Joe Baggins.  Oh man, I don't know what words I have to describe you.  Rascal comes to mind, but that sounds bad, and you, my dear boy, are an absolute delight.  You are fearless, funny, and extremely cuddly.  You take great care of your big sister, unless you are trying your hardest to drive her crazy.  You are a man's man, except when you need to flash a smile to get out of being in trouble, then you definitely look for a girl to work your magic on.  You are well on your way to unstoppable and we are so very proud to have you.  We love you immensely, Joe Johnson!