Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Privileges of the Chief

A couple months ago I read back through all our old posts. Don't worry, I'm embarrassed about it. However, I had forgotten the majority of things I had written about, and I'm also embarrassed to say I was laughing so hard at myself I was crying. Anyhoo, I realized that as long as the world doesn't implode this little blog will be a tribute to the ridiculousness of our family, and one day our kids can go back and read little snippets of the things we will forget to tell them about.

So that being said, this is for that reason and that reason only. This was just a little Corbin moment that made me laugh, so I'm writing it down (typing it down) so one day Blythe and Joe can have a little reminder of their grandparents.

My mom has been recollecting the little people stuff that we had when we were kids for the grandbabies. My sweet friend Jillian has amassed the greatest collection I've ever seen, and she passed down a couple things to my mom (thanks Jill, love you!). As with all things the new toys were the only ones anyone wanted to play with and I don't remember who even did this, but B or Joe put the firemen into the swing and the following conversation took place...
Me: "That's nice the firemen get to swing. I bet firemen never get to swing."
Lainee (my mom): "And I see the Chief gets his own swing."
Paw (my dad, Fire Chief of Wylie)" "As it should," he then switched to what I can only describe as the voice of the French guy in Monty Python and the Holy Grail and added, "Get down one of you knaves and push me."

Made me laugh. Love everyone involved. The end.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!