Friday, February 27, 2009

Welcome to the Madness

We are now about 18 days from being homeless and I think it's finally starting to set in. This is effecting us differently as I'm starting to pack with a little more fervor and Caleb is trying to buy any and every house that is for sale. We still have not decided if we're moving to Denton or to Wylie so Caleb is trying to buy a house in both cities.
When we got the contract on the house, we were pretty settled on building a new home in Wylie. This was going to take 7-9 months so we needed to rent something in the mean time. Last weekend, we went looking for something to rent in Denton. We figured we could have the best of both worlds... rent in Denton for a bit before moving to Wylie. While driving around Denton we saw houses for sale on Locust, across the street from Hayley and around the corner from Em and Clay. For sale, mind you, not for rent. Next thing I know we're looking at a 1948 siding house that needs a lot of work. Probably needs to be leveled, most likely needs a new roof, and definitely needs a paint job. The lady living in it now has so much stuff shoved into the 1800 sqft that it was overwhelming. I was shocked when Caleb wanted to make an offer as he has said he didn't want to have to redo another house, but none the less, he was ready to buy it then and there. I think it was Wednesday we signed paperwork, but held off sending it because we had a couple questions about the seller's disclosure.
Thursday night we went to Wylie for Valera's birthday dinner. While there, Grammie told us that Choice Homes had declared bankruptcy. We had looked at a couple of Choice Homes in Brandon's neighborhood before settling on a different builder. So last night, Caleb is ready to buy one of those thinking we can get a really good deal. When we got home, he emailed the lady we had talked to before and talked to her on the phone today. Tomorrow we are going to see the house across the street from Brandon and Valera (after we drop off some stuff at our storage space, which is in Wylie).
Meanwhile, at around 2:30 or 3 this afternoon, he tells me to go ahead and send in the offer on the Locust street house. I have stopped asking questions. I am simply packing boxes and waiting for Caleb to decide in which location to unpack them.
He has explained it like this. Before this house had sold he was reluctant to do anything. Now he knows this house is gone it's like having a loaded weapon, and he is choosing to shoot at anything that moves.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tickling the Ivories

Yesterday we inherited a piano from Grammie's Coppell house and Blythe loves it. Here's a quick picture of her and Caleb playing. Thank you, Grammie!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Night

Sometimes I like to send Caleb text messages from my computer when we're both in the house. It cracks me up. He won't answer back because he doesn't want to waste texts. It's really funny at night after Blythe goes to bed because then he can't even yell to answer me. Tonight, I was doing this and started laughing, but also needed to cough and I almost died in the process. It's no longer that funny.

That was a lie. It's still hilarious.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We have a contract on the house, signed it yesterday. We are set to close on March 17th. Now all we gotta do is figure out where we're gonna live. Blythe and I started packing yesterday. I am learning to speed pack because Blythe still really likes to move things in and out. So if you are putting things in a box, B is right there taking it all back out. Or if you are trying to empty a drawer, there she is dutifully putting everything back in. Should be a fun month... I can't imagine what kind of junk is hidden away in this house!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So my dad requested I update this thing. I told him I didn't have anything to say and he pointed out that's never stopped me before. Valid point, so here goes.

1. I love Olivia Munn. I think she's hilarious.

2. My new show that makes me cry every freakin' week... Biggest Loser. It used to be Extreme Home Makeover but I stopped watching cause it just got a little to over the top for me. I can't even remember what I was crying about last night, but I'm pretty sure I teared up at least 4 times. Redonkulous.

3. I took this picture outside our gym the other day. I thought it was funny. If you put fog lights or whatever these are on a Hummer it just says Umme. As in, "Umme, why are you driving such an enormous car?"