Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Christmas Tree skirt that wouldn't die...

Caleb and I got married 5 years ago this May. That same year I fell in love with a Pottery Barn tree skirt. As we all know, Pottery Barn is a little expensive so the $65 or $75 price tag seemed a little high for something that I would only see about a month of the year. Being the new little wifey that I was, I said to myself, "I can make that for waaay less." So in September of 2004, I started working on a tree skirt for my Christmas tree.

Well, today, April 21st, 2009, I finished it. That's right it took almost 5 years for me to finish it. Turns out, I had to hand sew the ribbon on which took forever! I would get bored or frustrated and stop working on it for a year at a time. Caleb has been randomly bringing it up since I started it too. Just every once in awhile he'd throw out a, "How's the tree skirt coming?" Sometimes in the middle of June he'd ask about it. It would make me so mad and about 2 years after I started it he told me to just go buy the thing, but I refused. In retrospect, I would've paid $100 for the stupid thing, but I had to finish it on principle alone!
So without further ado.... TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Don't look too closely, cause the lines aren't all straight, and as you can see it doesn't actually even form a circle. Maybe one day I'll add some more panels, but most likely my Christmas tree will just always be in a corner. How ya like dem apples, Johnson!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

We've been at my parents for almost a month now and it definitely has its perks. Caleb and I are getting lots of free babysitting which means we've gotten to go on many dates! Blythe is also enjoying having Lainie and Grampa around and will definitely miss them when we move out!

Using Grampa's new rolling cooler as a wagon. I think Grampa is enjoying this just as much, if not more, than B!
A flower planting assembly line. She got a little impatient when Gramps wasn't ready to take the flowers from her.Talking to the gnome. She was a little wary at first, but they're friends now.
Bath time in the sink.

Pretty sure this is against every safety regulation out there...
Dancing in the kitchen with Lainie.

We almost officially have a house. We close on the 27th, but that weekend is Brandon and Valera's wedding so we won't actually move until the 9th. We love the house! It's actually the house of the people who out bid us for the Woodland St house. They are friends of Em and Clay, so when they came down to tell Emily they were moving she immediately told them we would probably be interested in the house. Yes, when I say "came down to tell Emily" I mean they walked down the street. It's, I think, 5 houses down from Em and Clay and around the corner from Hayley which are HUGE perks to an already really cute house! So now I owe Em for meeting my husband and finding me a house!