Monday, May 24, 2010

6 Years!!

Saturday was our 6th anniversary! In the morning, we ran a 5k. That was Caleb's choice of activities and I would be lying if I said I was super excited about it. It was fairly successful. We didn't walk at all which is good for me and I think I ruled out the idea of me ever doing a marathon or probably even a half marathon. I just don't like running that much (Sorry, Em). We worked around the house all day, pictures of that to come, and then that evening we went to dinner for my activity of choice... sushi!! We went to this restaurant here in Denton, Keichi, with only 10 seats and he makes all the sushi fresh right in front of you. I will say my favorite thing was the tenderloin mozzarella roll. He pulled out a blow torch and braised it right in front of us and I think the rest of the people sitting there were jealous cause they all wanted to know what it was. We then headed to Greenhouse for dessert before heading back to the house. Thanks to all the grandparents for watching the babies and letting us celebrate! We love you!!!There's a picture of the red hair finally, although it's faded quite a bit. Thanks to Caleb for being my best friend and partner in crime. I love you so much and am so proud to call you mine!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Tonight, Blythe and I ate the first blackberry off our vine! We washed it off and I handed it to Blythe to try. She took a bite and handed it back to me. I took a bite and gave it back to her as we walked up to the porch. When we got up the steps she handed it back to me and I popped the rest into my mouth. Apparently, she was handing it to me to hold while she climbed onto the swing and was super mad to find I had eaten the rest. I apologized profusely and pointed to all the other berries and told her as soon as they turned black we could eat them.

She told me, "No mommy eat them all. Blythe eat some. Mommy share."
I apologized again and told her next time I would share better.

It was a really good blackberry though.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Joe has been staring at his hands for the last 20 minutes. Moving his fingers, turning his arm over, just staring. Every once in awhile he goes "huh." I was going to write something about how nice it must be to be so easily entertained. Then I realized I've been staring at a baby stare at his hands for the last 20 minutes. So apparently, I am that easily entertained.