Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, B!!

Blythe turned 3 on December 12th and she had decided many months ago she was going to have a snake birthday. I don't know where this idea came from cause I'm not much of a snake person, so it's not like we talk about or look at snakes. But a snake birthday is what she wanted so a snake birthday is what she got. Here is my attempt at a snake cake...

After Joe's party, we decided to just have a low key dinner at home with the grandparents. It was nice and laid back, much like us. Here's the birthday girl enjoying her snake cake.
This is Gramma K. She's my 98 year old grandmother. The birthday hat was a bit too big for Blythe, but fit her perfectly!

One of Blythe's presents was this digital camera. The rest of these pictures are ones she took.

The inverse of the one above...
Some of the party goers, Paw, Ben, and Grammie. She kept telling us all to get together and love each other. I'm guessing this was a product of those instructions!

Papa Tim. I will admit I had a hard time choosing one of Papa Tim. She took some great ones!

Mama J posing for the photographer.
This is what a lot of them look like. She has trouble being still when she takes a picture, but I thought this was funny.
Happy Birthday, Blythe! You are such a sweet and loving girl. We love you so much!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year all. I'm gonna try and be really good this week and catch up on the major happenings around the Johnson house. I don't really know what happened in November, so I'm just going to skip to December.

First up, Joe's First Birthday! Joe turned one on December 23rd, but we had his party on the 11th. I really had a hard time finding enough days in the month for all the birthdays in our family so in all future years I think we'll be having just one big party.

It ended up being a beautiful day so most of the party played outside. Here's the birthday boy enjoying the nice weather.
Joe started walking pretty early so he has now moved on to climbing. This is a little stool Mama J gave him to climb on.
Opening up some presents...
Happy Birthday, Joe Joe!!
Joe is such a fun addition to our family. He is pretty much the complete opposite of Blythe which makes life oh so much more interesting :) We love you, Joe, Happy Birthday!

Thanks again to the Sears!! I found myself without a camera that worked when it was time to cut the cake so these are all from their collection!