Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blythe's Farm Field Trip

At the end of October, Blythe and I went on a field trip with her class to the Emma Prusch Farm Park.  It's a working farm in the middle of San Jose complete with hay ride and pumpkin patch.  

This is Blythe and her best bud Jilian.  Not to be confused with my Jillian who is slightly taller and has darker hair. 

Aaron thought touching a cactus was weird.

Pumping some water


This is Leena, Adriana, Ishaan, and Saaesh attempting to sneak up on a duck.  

This is Georgie, Lorelai, and Gigi.  This chicken was kind enough to just sit on the fence and let about 20 kids pet it.

Tyler, Jiho, and Maggie taking their turn.

And the celebratory pumpkin we got to take home with us!

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Our Green Nest said...

K, think I squealed aloud when I saw you had posted! I don't know how many times I've checked to see if you had. :) I love that her best bud's name is "Jilian" (just one "l"?) hair is actually getting closer and closer to hers as I get older. The farm looks like so much fun.