Thursday, September 27, 2012

Theology with a 4 year old

After praying for the kids tonight when they were going to bed, Blythe and I entered into a fairly deep theological discussion.  Here is a snapshot from our conversation.

Blythe: Did Jesus die on the cross?
Caleb:  Yes, to forgive our sins.
Blythe: What are sins?
Caleb: It's when we do wrong.
Blythe:  Jesus is God...Did God die?  
Caleb: No, God sent Jesus as a man to die so we could be forgiven
Blythe: OK
Joe: Was God in jail or Jess (Jesus) in jail?
Caleb:  Jesus was in jail for a little while.
Blythe: Why was he in jail?
Caleb:  The bad guys put Him in jail.
Joe:  God could just kill the bad guys.
Caleb: No, God loves everyone.  So he wanted Jesus to talk to them even when he was in jail.

Blythe:  Does Jesus live in my heart?
Caleb:  Yes
Joe: Does he live in my heart too? and in your heart?
Caleb: Yes
Joe: Cause we're boys.
Caleb:  And you'll get to see God some day in Heaven
Blythe:  Cause when I die I'll go to Heaven and see God.  I'll just wake up, and I'll see God.  

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