Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This is Blythe's Thanksgiving show at school from yesterday.  She is in the middle in a blue skirt and pink tights.  Enjoy the awkward preschool fun!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


The day after the field trip the Corbins arrived in town to spend the weekend camping with us.  We rented an RV on Friday and hit the road!

These two thought riding in the RV was extremely fun!

Doing preflight checks

We stopped off for fire wood at a farm stand that also had this little pumpkin patch

Joe loves a tractor.

We stopped for the night about half way to Yosemite and I sadly don't even remember the name of this place, but it was practically empty and very pretty.

Looking at the stars with Paw

Learning to skip rocks

Then we hit the road to Yosemite.   The road follows along a cliff and is unbelievably curvy.  Joe loved it though and rode the whole time like this...

Lainee and Blythe with Half Dome in the background.

 This was our campsite.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  

A little RV yoga.

We took a hike up to a waterfall.  

It's a waterfall in the spring.  In the fall it's more like a water trickle.

Paw and the babies

For whatever reason if Caleb sees a fence he can't help but climb over it.  So there he is down near the river and Joe was chomping at the bit to get down there too.  

Yosemite is gorgeous and we had perfect weather the entire weekend.  We'll hopefully be going back in the spring when the water is flowing.  We headed back to San Jose on Sunday, hit up a bounce house/pumpkin patch Monday morning before dropping mom and dad off at the airport that afternoon.  

Thanks for visiting, Lainee and Paw!  We love you!!

Blythe's Farm Field Trip

At the end of October, Blythe and I went on a field trip with her class to the Emma Prusch Farm Park.  It's a working farm in the middle of San Jose complete with hay ride and pumpkin patch.  

This is Blythe and her best bud Jilian.  Not to be confused with my Jillian who is slightly taller and has darker hair. 

Aaron thought touching a cactus was weird.

Pumping some water


This is Leena, Adriana, Ishaan, and Saaesh attempting to sneak up on a duck.  

This is Georgie, Lorelai, and Gigi.  This chicken was kind enough to just sit on the fence and let about 20 kids pet it.

Tyler, Jiho, and Maggie taking their turn.

And the celebratory pumpkin we got to take home with us!