Monday, January 7, 2013

Super Joe turns 3

Apparently I didn't do very well taking pictures while we were in Texas for Christmas.  These are pretty much all I got from the entire trip, so enjoy!

The Birthday Boy

Paw helping Blythe fly over tall buildings.

Everyone got their own cape.

Here's Sweet Ainslee modeling hers for us.  I did a horrible job taking pictures even at the party so Ains will have to be the representative for the entire Sears clan who we were very happy to see, but apparently not photograph :)

Baby Claire (who may be called Baby Claire even when she's 18 if my kids have anything to do with it.)

The three amigos

Blowing out the candles!

Cuddling with Hay and Kyle

Blythe and Matthew racing to the fence and back

We had a blast getting to see all our friends.  Thanks to everyone for coming out to see us!  We are extremely blessed to have all of you in our life!

Happy Birthday, sweet Joe Joe Baggins.  Oh man, I don't know what words I have to describe you.  Rascal comes to mind, but that sounds bad, and you, my dear boy, are an absolute delight.  You are fearless, funny, and extremely cuddly.  You take great care of your big sister, unless you are trying your hardest to drive her crazy.  You are a man's man, except when you need to flash a smile to get out of being in trouble, then you definitely look for a girl to work your magic on.  You are well on your way to unstoppable and we are so very proud to have you.  We love you immensely, Joe Johnson!

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Our Green Nest said...

Love him! We had so much fun! Such a cute pic of the 3 of them! I want it! :) Love u!