Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Uno Strategery and the Worst Version of Who's on First Ever

  Caleb is playing Uno with the kids and here is what I just witnessed.  Joe was down to two cards, both blue.  The play to him was a green something or other so he had to draw a card and lo and behold he drew the dreaded draw 4!  He triumphantly threw it on the stack and when asked what color he wanted it to be said, "red."  Caleb pointed out that he didn't have any red cards in his hand, but he was adamant that he wanted it to be red.  Blythe drew 4 cards making it Joe's turn again (he and Caleb are on a team) so Caleb told him, "Ok, you have to play a red."  Joe very sadly replied, "but I don't have any reds."  

Another great conversation I have witnessed recently took place one of the first days we were back from Christmas.  We were all sick during our trip to Texas.  Both of the kids threw up for a couple days and didn't eat for another couple days.  Wasn't the most fun I've ever had on vacation, but at least we were with family.  Blythe likes to brag about her great fasting abilities so while driving around last weekend the kids had this little exchange...
 Blythe:  Joe, did you know that when I was sick I didn't ate for 2 days.
Joe:  Eight?
Blythe: No, 2.
Joe: You're 2?!?
Blythe: No, I didn't eat for 2 days.
Joe: Oh yeah, you was sick.

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