Saturday, June 22, 2013

Princess Ballet Boot Camp

This last week Blythe went to Princess Ballet Boot Camp for an hour a day with her friend Jiho.

On Friday, they performed their princess dance and then got a trophy.

For whatever reason I can't get that video to upload so we're trying it youtube style.

Here she is doing her curtsy and receiving her trophy.

She really was more excited about the trophy than anything else.  We apparently have to get a special shelf for ALL her trophies of which, she is sure, there are many more to come.  I apparently am not raising very humble children... whoops.

Not to be outdone, here is Joe Joe Baggins performing his one man band involving a piano, xylophone, whistle, and maraca.... Enjoy!

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Cheree said...

I'm sure the smiles on my face are as big as theirs as I watch them perform. Yes, they have very proud grandparents. They have two great parents that we are proud of also.