Friday, May 9, 2008

My Cheerleader Wife

I usually forget that my wife (Courtney) was a cheerleader in high school.  Since I wasn't around in those days, I don't feel so bad.

But occasionally, she will do something that reminds me of her high school hand-clapping bad-routine flat-bottom shoe ways.  Usually when she is doing something crafty (good, not bad) around the house I will see her writing in big bubbly letters and giggle in a high pitched voice and she reminds me that she wasn't always the sweet house-wife that she is now.

For example, this morning she was modge-podging and using metallic pens (and quite effectively I might add) and I made a comment about how I could never do that.

Her reply, "you forget I was a cheerleader in high school, if you had a craft paper sign I would run through it right now."

Good times.


Court said...

What's funny is that's not even what I said. I said I could free hand him a run through sign if he wanted one. Unfortunately, the cheerleaders never got to run through the sign, but I always wanted to. Who wouldn't want to run screaming through a giant sign.

Erin said...

I was thinking that the statement was funny since I had never seen cheerleaders run through them...thanks for clarifying. ;-)

Our Green Nest said...

Now, in her defense since I was around way back then, she was a GREAT cheerleader and actually choreographed some really good routines :)...She is one crafty gal too - but Caleb, what is a housewife? Oh how I hate that word so! Hope to see you all soon! Love, Jillian

The Rozell Family said...

thanks for clafiying exactly who your wife was, like you have more than one or something.