Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beedy Little Eyed Freak!

  We leave our back door open a lot because Sasquatch is insane.  That's a different story for a different day, the door being open is the detail you need for this story.  On more than one occasion I have walked into the kitchen to find a bird eating from Squatch's bowl, but as soon as I round the corner they'll fly back outside.  It makes me jump every time, but things could be worse.

  Today... things got worse.  I was minding my own business, folding some laundry on the couch, when I hear a THUMP against one of the front windows.  I look up and see a fluttering and thought a bird had hit the window from the outside.  Then I hear the same THUMP behind me, and turn around to see it.  The beedy little eyed freak flying around my house.  He's doing laps basically, running into the front window and then hitting the mirror on the back wall.  Well, as any logical mama would do, I grab Blythe and put her in her room and close the door.  My "logical" thought was that the bird was somehow going to peck my baby's eyes out... I don't know why, but that was the first thing that went through my head.  Then I get my phone and call Caleb.  Caleb is at work.  I have no idea what purpose I thought he would have in the matter, I just needed to tell someone there was a bird in the house and he seemed like the logical choice.   Let's face it at this point all reason had left my brain.    
  So I'm standing in the hall doing the "hop from one leg to the other, I've got to pee" dance and whining about the bird in the house to Caleb.  His first question is, "What's Sasquatch doing?"  Sasquatch is doing nothing, because it's trash day which means she's hiding in our bedroom, because she's insane.  Again, different story for a different day.  Caleb tells me to get a blanket to throw over the bird which I can then carry outside and release the bird.  During this conversation the bird goes back into the kitchen.  I follow to see that the backdoor has somehow closed and the bird is just ramming it repeatedly.  So instead of throwing the blanket over the bird, I put it over my head to shield me from attack (I put the phone down, but made Caleb stay on the line... again, we are without reason by this time).  I run into the kitchen causing the bird to fly into the ceiling and then it starts ramming the window and I get the door open and run back into the doorway.  It is at this time that Sasquatch appears almost knocks me over in her mad rush to get outside, leaving me and the bird inside to battle it out.  Then the bird lands on the top of the door, so I do the girly "Shoo" motion and it flies outside.  At which point, Sasquatch comes back inside and gives me the "What are we doing?" face.  
  So my dog would never survive in the wild.  She probably wouldn't survive in a parking lot filled with bacon, but she will now have to survive without the door being open all the time cause homey don't play birds in the house!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sonic Fun

***Disclaimer: If you are or have ever been in the color guard, you may find this post offensive.***

This morning we went to Home Depot to get some supplies to finish the guest bathroom (Weeee!) and then went to get one of my favorite things in the world, a Sonic beverage. We order our Sonic beverages, and then Caleb notices that, as it is a Saturday, there is a fundraiser going on for the Hebron High color guard. He immediately goes into a fantastic rant about how much he hates the color guard. He bashes their flags, mocks their outfits, and even goes so far as to complain about his tax dollars being wasted on their very existence. He said the words "I hate the color guard" at least 4 times. It's during this rant that a voice comes over the speaker and said "Excuse me, sir?" Turns out the credit card hadn't swiped correctly so they were waiting on us before they could deliver the order. There's no telling how much of his rant they listened to.

Monday, May 12, 2008

5 Months Old!

Today is Blythe's 5 month birthday. I know we've been bad about updating everyone on her and posting pictures, so here she is! We started solid foods last week and she has mastered bananas and cereal.No matter what you put in her mouth or how many times she's tasted it she makes this face after each bite...
But it's a fun new thing and even though she makes a face like she hates it she always opens her mouth for the next bite, so maybe that's just her face!
We've gotten some new toys too. We got a Johnny Jump Up thing for the doorway, but it appears she doesn't weigh enough to make it do anything. So really it was just a Johnny Hang in the Doorway. Luckily, the Sears family let us borrow Finn's exersaucer and she loves it (Thanks Sears!)! She stands in there screaming and laughing. Unfortunately, she can only reach the cow and lion buttons (and occasionally the duck) so the whole time she's in there all I hear is moooing and roaring and the occasional quack, but the animal noises are by far her favorite aspect. Even if you face her a different direction she'll keep turning until she finds them. So that's our girl, a little 5 month old ball of fun!

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Cheerleader Wife

I usually forget that my wife (Courtney) was a cheerleader in high school.  Since I wasn't around in those days, I don't feel so bad.

But occasionally, she will do something that reminds me of her high school hand-clapping bad-routine flat-bottom shoe ways.  Usually when she is doing something crafty (good, not bad) around the house I will see her writing in big bubbly letters and giggle in a high pitched voice and she reminds me that she wasn't always the sweet house-wife that she is now.

For example, this morning she was modge-podging and using metallic pens (and quite effectively I might add) and I made a comment about how I could never do that.

Her reply, "you forget I was a cheerleader in high school, if you had a craft paper sign I would run through it right now."

Good times.