Thursday, September 27, 2012

Theology with a 4 year old

After praying for the kids tonight when they were going to bed, Blythe and I entered into a fairly deep theological discussion.  Here is a snapshot from our conversation.

Blythe: Did Jesus die on the cross?
Caleb:  Yes, to forgive our sins.
Blythe: What are sins?
Caleb: It's when we do wrong.
Blythe:  Jesus is God...Did God die?  
Caleb: No, God sent Jesus as a man to die so we could be forgiven
Blythe: OK
Joe: Was God in jail or Jess (Jesus) in jail?
Caleb:  Jesus was in jail for a little while.
Blythe: Why was he in jail?
Caleb:  The bad guys put Him in jail.
Joe:  God could just kill the bad guys.
Caleb: No, God loves everyone.  So he wanted Jesus to talk to them even when he was in jail.

Blythe:  Does Jesus live in my heart?
Caleb:  Yes
Joe: Does he live in my heart too? and in your heart?
Caleb: Yes
Joe: Cause we're boys.
Caleb:  And you'll get to see God some day in Heaven
Blythe:  Cause when I die I'll go to Heaven and see God.  I'll just wake up, and I'll see God.  

Monday, September 24, 2012

More Stupid Conversations brought to you by the Johnson

  Alright, here's another one to cast your vote on.  Today Caleb and I were discussing which is worse... to be obnoxious on purpose or to inadvertently be obnoxious?  Case in point.  I just asked Caleb how to spell inadvertently, after I spelled it correctly mind you, and his response was, "With an 'In' in front."  See... obnoxious on purpose.
  This afternoon I was straightening my hair, or chi-ing it up, which just so happens to block the hallway out of our room.  I like to stand far back from the mirror :)  So Caleb went to leave the room and ducked his head... so I raised the Chi.  Somewhere 2 feet from the door he changed his mind and decided he was gonna step over it... I was still in the process of raising the Chi.  So he decided to go back under... by that time I had switched to lowering the cord so he could go over it.  You get the picture, we did that 3 more times at which point he just yelled, "Ok stop!"
  I lowered the cord  he stepped over and we continued our lives.  Except he said, "It would only be better if you were doing it on purpose."  I completely disagreed.  I think it was fantastic because I was absolutely trying to help him get out of the room.  I was completely inadvertently being obnoxious.  That is the thing comedians work years on to get the timing perfect and we just happen to do it because we're ridiculous people.  I couldn't recreate that event in a million years.
  To you, the 3 people who read this blog I leave you the question.  Which is better.. to inadvertently be obnoxious, or to do it on purpose?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Caleb's 40th Birthday

I honestly don't know what just happened.  I'm writing this mainly to make my sleepy brain walk back through the events that led up to the stupidest challenge I've ever been a part of.

I'm reading and Caleb is playing the guitar.  Which might have led me to say something about how I loved the violin last week at church.  According to Caleb, the violin is one of the most difficult instruments to master, thus making it not for me.  This is where it gets sketchy.  Somewhere after "I love the violin," came something about naming all the string instruments.  Caleb claimed there were 5, I went with 50.  There was then a technicality about what was considered a string instrument.  Caleb named off viola, violin, cello, base, and double base.  The classical string instruments.  I was thinking anything that involved a string, so guitar, ukelele, and harp would be included on my list.

He still felt strongly that I wouldn't be able to come up with 50 and was gracious enough to give me 9 years to form my list.  Thus, on Caleb's 40th birthday, I am to present a list of 50 instruments that have a string of some kind or be mocked incessantly.

More sweet pillow talk from the man who brought us, "Indiscernible poisons and the deaths they can cause."

Check back in on July 17th, 2021.